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Youth Ministry is a vital part of our church community.

When we focus on building up our young people, encouraging them to be in leadership roles, and interacting with other Presbyterian youth, we are building the future of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). So often we hear the panicked refrain, “the church is dying!” The church isn’t dying. It is growing and changing. By investing in the spiritual lives of our young people, we are investing in the future. We must foster the next generation of church leaders. As soon as a child can read, they can be liturgist. If a child can hold an instrument, put them in the band. Presbyterian Churches offer what the youth of today so desperately crave- love, hope, and community. This is why programs like Presbyterian Youth Connection Council are so important. It is incredible to watch these teenagers grow from timid kids who can’t speak for themselves into strong adult leaders. When we make space for these young people to take leadership, they feel invested and want to remain in the church. They feel they belong to something greater than themselves where they can make a real impact. In addition to PYCC, weekend retreats, week-long conferences, and mission trips are invaluable. These gatherings bring youth together to create close friendships and gain a deeper understanding of what it means to be a Presbyterian. Presbytery of New Covenant’s yearly weekend retreat, Conclaves, is planned and led by members of our Presbyterian Youth Connection Council. It is beautiful to watch the spirit working through these young people as they lead small group discussions and worship services. Attendees participated in meaningful discussions of scripture and self—things that make an impact on them. Supporting and/or being a part of youth ministry is chaotic, fun, fulfilling, and essential for the future of our denomination.

Upcoming Youth Opportunities

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