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Grant Information and Applications

Presbytery Grants and Scholarships

Awarding of these grants is made through the presbytery’s Outreach Ministries Committee. Please complete the Universal Grant Application for Vision Initiative, Lynn Johnson Social Justice, Outreach, Peacemaking, and Elder Care grants. The Grant Application deadline for the submission has been extended until May 31, 2021

Universal Grant Application

Presbytery Scholarships Application

The Kelso Grants

The Kelso Grants are available to assist with church building repairs or new projects.  There is a maximum of $5000 available per year.

The Weaver King Loans

The Weaver King Loans are available to improve or equip church properties.  The maximum amount of the loan is $20,000 with a term of 5 years, offered at an interest rate of one-half of the prime rate at the time the loan is made. 

Synod Grants and Scholarships

The Synod of the Sun offers a number of different grants for presbyteries, congregations, and partnerships in a wide range of categories. Scholarships are offered to individuals for a variety of events or educational opportunities. Information regarding categories and online applications are available on their website here.

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